Issue: Summer 2017

Important Dates!
> Circle Pinning: Sunday, July 23, 2017
> Reunion: September 15-17, 2017

Letter From the President

Iris Maslow

Remember Friday evenings at camp? Everyone in their whites, freshly showered, hushing each other on the porch before heading to flag (sometimes screaming to get out all the giggles) – That was my favorite time of the week.

That’s what we try to create with Circle Day each year. A collective breath. A moment for us all to stop our routine for just a day and reflect on how special Circle is. After all, Circle has always been the common thread for us.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Circle Day 2017. We exceeded our goal of $1,000 in donations and hosted get-togethers across the world! Be sure to check out all the photos from the event page (click on ‘see all posts’ at the bottom of the page) and the Circle Facebook group.

Now that we’ve had a day to think about Circle, it’s time to start planning for Reunion. The reunion committee has been working hard all year to make sure this year’s reunion is the best one yet. Seriously, though – you won’t want to miss it. Mark your calendar for September 15-17.

As for camp, we’re so excited to share that we’re contributing to the brand new inclusion program this summer. Check out Sara’s update below to learn more details about what it is and how Circle is helping. And of course, we always contribute towards camperships and counselor banquet gifts.

If you want to give to Circle, consider a legacy donation. By purchasing a leaf on the Circle Tree of Life, a dedication plaque in the Dining Hall, or a commemorative brick, you’re leaving a little piece of you around camp.

Lastly, please reach out to me if you have any questions, concerns, ideas or want to learn more about ways you can get involved. For me, being on board helps fill that little piece of my heart that misses camp each summer. There are a lot of ways to be involved, and we’re always excited to see our community active.

Happy summer!

Iris Maslow (Circle 2009)
President, Camp Louise Circle

Letter From the Director

Alicia Berlin

We all have a story and if I took a wild guess, I would say that camp is probably a big part of that story – no matter how long you spent in the mountains of Cascade, Maryland. This summer, we are asking our staff to think about their story – what brought them to this moment of camp? For some, it will be their first summer in 21719 and for others it may be summer #3 or #33. The number doesn’t matter. Everyone has a story.

For staff, the story at the beginning of their summer may change and will definitely grow as they spend the next eight weeks working with over 900 campers who will come through our gates at Camp Louise.

Not only do we want our staff to look at their own story. We are also going to be asking them to think about their campers’ stories. What do they want those stories to be and how can we, as staff, impact them?

So now I ask you…what’s your story? Has your story positively influenced others?

Going into our 96th summer and thinking about our upcoming 100th , I know we all want Camps Airy & Louise to be around for another 100+ years! So please, please help us spread the word. YOU are our best marketers! Tell your story to prospective families, prospective donors, anyone who wants to listen. Let’s continue to tell our camp stories and spread the positive word about Camps Airy & Louise!

Here’s to a happy, healthy, safe and fun summer for everyone!

Alicia Block Berlin (Circle 1990)
Director, Camp Louise

Your Donations Make a Difference!

Circle generously gifted Camp $1000 to spend on our new Inclusion program. So far, we have spent money on setting up a new sensory area to support our girls with different needs! Items that we have purchased include a weighted blanket, trampoline, lights, weighted shoulder wrap, and fidget toys! This area has the potential to really help our inclusion campers regulate their sensory needs! In addition, we are also purchasing a copy of a special software called Boardmaker, which will allow our inclusion staff to easily make all kinds of visual supports for our campers! Thank you so much, Circle, for your generous gift to support all of our campers!
Sara Berlin

How can I give to Circle?

Contributions can be made for any purpose; to support General Operations, to support the Reunion Scholarship Fund, or anything else you'd like Circle to support at Camp! Please contact Circle Treasurer Dani Hercenberg, if you have any questions. All checks should be made payable to "Camp Louise Circle."

Donate Now!

Circle Day 2017 Recap

Thank you to all those who celebrated our third annual Circle Day! On May 24 Circle members around the world showed what Camp and Circle mean to them. Whether getting together in person, posting memories on social media, or simply stopping to think of a favorite memory, Circle Day continues to ensure that Circle members feel connected.


Again this year, we exceeded the goal of the Circle Day Donation Challenge, raising over $1000 for Circle. Thank you to all those who participated. These funds will be used in the coming year to support Circle and give back to Camp.


As we look to the future, we can excitedly count the days until Circle Reunion!  See you on the mountain.

Sandy Saval Bresnick (Circle 1997)
Circle Day Chair

Committee Update: Membership

Erin Weinblatt

It’s finally summer! Our favorite time of year. Thank you to everyone who participated in our different events this year. We could not have been successful without each and everyone of you!

Social/Special Events:
We had the most successful Circle Day this year. We not only reached our goal of $1,000 but exceeded it. I loved seeing all the #CircleDay17 on Instagram and Facebook. It is always fun to see which pictures people use for our Circle Day events. Our next event is History Day. The campers love to learn about Circle and Camp during this day!

New Member Kits:
The membership committee is looking at a new way to get the new members involved in circle. That being said we have created new member kits! These kits have information about different events we hold besides just circle reunion, the different committees and all our social media forms. If you have any ideas or suggestions for the new member kits, please email

It has been a busy year for the Membership committee! If you have an idea for a new event, or would like to organize one, feel free to reach out to me at

Erin Weinblatt (Circle 2011)
Vice President of Membership

Committee Update: Reunion

Lesley Levin

Shalom Circle Family!
September 15-17, 2017! Do you have that date circled in red, bolded, italicized, and stamped on your calendar? Excellent! Now share it with your circle and camp family so that we can have our highest attendance yet at Circle Reunion 2017: Circle is Out of this World!

We want this to be a welcoming and memorable weekend for all attendees so we are asking for volunteers in different areas of reunion programming. These areas include Shabbat Choir, Shabbat pianist, and Silent Auction Set up.

We are so happy to be continuing the tradition of celebrating CIT anniversaries through programming sponsorships. Is your CIT group celebrating a 10, 20, 30, 40 anniversary this year? (If so, MAZEL TOV!) Would your group like to collectively sponsor our campfire, oneg, or happy hour? Of course you do! We know there are so many talented Circle members who can't wait to pitch in and create an Out of this World Circle Reunion!

Want to help make Circle Reunion the best that it can be or have questions about sponsorship? Contact Lesley Levin, VP of Reunion at Be on the lookout for more details about reunion registration later this summer.

Lesley Levin (Circle 2005)
Vice President of Circle Reunion

Circle Reunion: September 15-17, 2017

2017-09-15 18:30:00 2017-09-17 20:00:00 America/New_York Save the Date: Circle Reunion More details about registering for Circle Reunion will come out in this summer. Camp Louise, 24959 Pen Mar Rd, Cascade, MD, 21719, USA Camp Louise Circle

Committee Update: Fundraising

Paula Bragg

Now is the time to make your 100% tax-deductible gift in support of Camp Louise Circle. Your gift can support the general work of Circle, Reunion Scholarships, Camperships, etc.

Make your gift.

Other ways to support Camp Louise Circle:

  • Leave your legacy with a Circle Sisterhood Tree of Life leaf, a dedication plaque, or a brick.
  • Mitzvah Cards
  • AmazonSmile - With every purchase, Amazon will donate .5% back to Camp Louise Circle Fund, Inc. if you designate it.

If you have any questions about your donation or would like to donate an amount other than specified above, please contact the Circle Treasurer, Dani Hercenberg.

Paula Bragg (Circle 1997)
Vice President of Fundraising

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New Circle Spotlight: Hannah Grace

The New Circle Spotlight features someone who joined Circle in the most recent induction class.

Location: Glasgow, Scotland
Age: 21
Year you made Circle: 2016
How many years (and in what roles) did you work at camp? I was a bunk counselor and worked in the music department for 3 summers
Job in the real world: I'm a student at the University of Strathclyde, I've just finished my undergraduate degree in Law and I plan to work as a lawyer in the future. I really wanted to work at a summer camp in the States, I applied through a UK company and a camp fair brought me to Camp Louise.
Do you plan on working/volunteering at camp in 2017? No, it’s too hard coming from Scotland.
Favorite camp memory: Being a CIT counselor and participating in CIT traditions such as campfire and stand and recognize.
Hobbies: Music, volunteering, reading.
What are you looking forward to in 2017? I'm really looking forward to graduating and then starting my postgraduate degree.

Golden Circle Spotlight: Jessie Reter-Choate

The Golden Circle Spotlight features someone who has spent most of their life passionate about Camp Louise.

Location:I live in Englewood Florida. That’s on the Gulf coast between Sarasota and Ft. Myers.
Age: I am old enough now to receive health care from Medicare! (That’s 65.)
Year you made circle: 1974
Job in real world: I made circle in 1974.
What brought you to camp? I came to camp first in 1972 when a Professor at my college heard me say I had nothing to do that summer. He knew I liked theatre and he knew Camp Louise liked theatre, so he called the Executive Director, Sid Chernack at the time. He got me a job.
How many years (and in what roles) did you work at camp? I’ve been working off and on ever since. I was a counselor, head of drama dept., CIT counselor, Unit Leader, Training Unit Leader, Programing Coordinator, Assistant Director, and Director.
Do you plan on working/volunteering at camp in 2017? I am working this year at camp as the Department Head Coordinator and Master Calendar programmer.
Favorite camp memory: Introducing the camp to Mystery Night and Theatre Sportz.
Hobbies: Reading, Acting, directing, writing scripts for Reader’s theatre.
Something that I'm looking forward to in 2017: I look forward to introducing some new and reimagined campwide activities for camp, working with the fabulous camp staff and having my husband(working at Airy which is where I meet him 21 years ago) and two dogs at camp this year.

Attention 1967 CA-CITs!

Attention 1967 CAs, CITs, and their counselors.....we want you to come to circle reunion this year to celebrate 50 years since we were there! Please send the following information to Andi Abrams at, call her at 412-613-9525 or write to her at camp this summer at 24959 Pen Mar Road, Cascade MD 21719.

  • Name (include maiden name)
  • I was a CA, CIT, CA Counselor, CIT Counselor.
  • I would like to contribute $___ towards a campership which will be presented to camp from our group in honor of our 50th anniversary.
  • I am unable to attend this year, but would like to contribute $__ towards a campership that will be presented to camp at reunion.
  • I would like to order a t-shirt commemorating our 50th year reunion for $20 - some of this fee will be used towards the happy hour on Saturday night.

Join the Database

Just a reminder to all Circle members and Louise alumni: The Circle maintains a database that contains your contact information (address, phone and email) as well as your camp history. If you've moved or changed your name or address since your record was created...if you're not sure you even have a record, please contact Erin Weinblatt at to check and update your record.

Contact Erin »

Join the Circle Board

Are you passionate about camp and want to find a way to give back to your home away from home? If you love being part of Circle and want to get more involved, the Circle Board is the place for you! Board members are elected for 3 year terms in which you attend at least 2 of the 3 meetings per year (spring, summer at camp, and fall during Circle reunion). You will be expected to be on at least one committee and more importantly, you get to work with people who are just as passionate about Circle (and camp) as you are! If you have any questions about being on the board, contact Randi at

It's that time of year...

As we get closer to the next circle pinning ceremony, we've already seen a number of creative 'pinposal' stories. Here are just a few...

> Diana Jerome used Pasta to ask Erin Weinblatt to Pin her.

> Calli Levine got creative after her original plans were ruined to ask Madi Cooper.

> Anna Schwartz made a feminist powerpoint to ask Sarah Sherman to pin her.

> Miss Sara pinned Kim Ruth Levy.

> Anna Koozmin made a video with Sam Goodman’s friends to ask Sam to pin Anna.

> Sam Deane created a treasure hunt for Alicia and baked for JRC.

> Irina Lessne asked Leslie Salters through a poem on Leslie’s birthday.

> Lucy Makin and Cat Roseblade made Andi Abrams climb to the top of a challenge on the ropes course to find their pinposal.

> Lauren Brami and Hannah Weitz made “Mean Girls” video to ask Emily Kay to pin them.

> Chircus baked a challah for Alicia.

> Sarah Hiller: I choreographed a dance to Safety dance and taught it to my kids (CIT2013). We flash mobbed in the dining hall for my pinposal to Missy. I would like to note that this was, to my knowledge, the first flashmob pinposal. For my pinposal to Robyn, I performed in the staff talent show. She knew I was in it and thought I was dancing (I even improved a dance for the rehearsal run-through of the show, since she was there). But in the actual show, I sang in front of all of camp (terrifying) doing the cup song (Robyn is the one who taught it to me) to accompany Hey Soul Sister. I started the song normally, but I rewrote the second chorus as the pinposal.

FREE Camp T-shirt!

> Know someone expecting? Surprise them with a camp shirt for their baby! Camps Airy & Louise offer free 12 month, 2T, or 4T shirts to any alumni. Contact with a shipping address and size.

Points on the Circle


> Steph (Solof) Alpert (Circle 2008) gave birth to Adam Ethan Albert and Benjamin Levi Albert were born on April 26, 2017 at 2:50 and 2:51 respectively! They cant wait to meet lifelong friends at Airy!!

> Jessie (Levin) Harteis (Circle 2004) and her husband, Jonathan, welcomed their son, Lochlan Ry, on March 4, 2017. He was 7 lb 14 oz and 20 in long. He loves moving around and being outside and is fitting into the family nicely.

> Betty Kohn (Circle 1966): This is a 3 month photo of my grandson Jackson Cooper Nauert. He has a long family history at both camps. Great-great-great aunt Selma Symons, both camps forever! Grandma Betty Rosen Kohn, campers 1954-1966 and staff 1986-91 or 92. His papa also worked at Louise for a few weeks in 1986 and his mother, Erin Kohn Nauert was a camper for 4 years in the late 1980s. He has an older brother, Kyle.

> Alison (Cederbaum) Kaplan (Circle 2007) gave birth to Hayden Max Kaplan on January 9.

Engagements & Weddings

> Allison Sztajer ( Circle 2000) married Kimberly Beauchamp on April 23, 2017 at Antrim 1844 Country House Hotel in Taneytown, MD.

> Alissa Maryn (Circle 2013) got engaged and took her engagement photos at Camp Louise!

> Jill Whitman (Circle 2006) got engaged to Michael Ferrario this summer. The happy couple lives in DC.

> Amy Cory (Circle 2012) got engaged to Johan Rewilak.

> Sami Holtz (Circle 2001) married Abby Stoler in St. Michaels, MD on Sunday June 11, 2017. Rachel Sanderoff (Circle 2000) was in my bridal party and Rabbi Elissa Sachs Kohen officiated!

> Sara Berlin (Circle 2013) married Blake Schreurs on April 9th at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis. Blake Schreurs and I were married by Rabbi Elissa Sachs-Kohen (perhaps you might know her?), surrounded by our family and closest friends! The reception was at the same location, and was perfect!

> Erin Weinblatt (Circle 2011) got engaged on April 22 at High Rock to Airy boy Greg Friedman (Leaf 2011).

> Our fearless leader Iris Maslow (Circle 2009) got engaged on June 3 at Duke Gardens to Dan Friedman. He proposed with his grandmother's beautiful ring.


> Janie Brown (Circle 2015) graduated from the University of Michigan with a BA in Biopsychology, Cognition, & Neuroscience! She also finished her thesis, “Down the musical garden path: Shared syntactic processing in music and language.” Go Blue!

> Alanna Schloss (Circle 2015) graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Hearing and Speech. She will be attending the University of Maryland Doctorate of Audiology program in the fall.

> Lindsey Deitch (Circle 2015) graduated from University of Maryland with a degree in Government and Politics.

> Jess Berman(Circle 2015) graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Hearing and Speech. She will be attending Towson University graduate school in the fall.

> Allison Friedman (Circle 2015) graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice. She will be attending the University of Maryland School of Law in the fall.

> Alana Quint (Circle 2015) graduated from Towson University and will be attending the University of Baltimore Law School in the fall.

Other Announcements

> Lawrence Kravitz (Circle 1998) returned from Uzbekistan in November with an update: "I went to Khiva and Bukhara and have become a patron of a rug artisan and merchant and a blacksmith of knives and scissors in Bukhara. As patron, I interview, encourage, and meet the families. I corroborated their artistry for an exhibition in the USA. I wish to explore other crafts than ceramics and glass fusion. Both persons will display their crafts at a Folk Art Exhibition in Santa Fe in July.

> Sandy (Bresnick) Saval (Circle 1997) got a new job as a Hiring Specialist for the Howard County Public School System. She is part of the Teacher Recruitment and Hiring team.

> Cyndi Heinecke (Circle 2008) and her husband Pat will be celebrating their 25th anniversary June 18 this year. They are also waiting on the arrival of their second grandson Dylan expected to arrive at the end of June!

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