Crossover Member Spotlight: Sophie Rosenthal

///Crossover Member Spotlight: Sophie Rosenthal

Crossover Member Spotlight: Sophie Rosenthal

The Crossover Spotlight features someone who is a member of both Camp Airy’s Order of the Leaf and Camp Louise’s Circle.

Location: Currently I live in Brooklyn, NY

Age: 27

Circle Induction Year: 2017

Leaf Induction Year:

Job in the Real World: I am a teaching artist. I work as a supplemental arts education contractor for difference arts organizations in New York City. I write my own curricula and my placements are from 8 sessions to 30 sessions.

What Brought You to Camp? My family has been a part of Airy/Louise for 3 generations. My great uncle was in the inaugural group of “Airy Boys” and my grandfather was in the second.

Number of years worked at camp/department:
AIRY: 2013-14: Asst. Drama Department Head first four weeks and DH second three weeks. 2015: Department Head-full summer.
2016: Volunteer
LOUISE: 2017- Department Head

Do you still work at camp?
 Yes. I also plan on returning to Camp next summer. I was asked, “Which camp?” I would work at either but my preference is to return to Camp Louise.

Favorite camp memory: I feel like my time at Louise is so recent and there are so many amazing memories that it is hard to pick just one. There was a time when I jumped into a game of “What’s In My Milk” with some older campers and staff. The room was constantly filled with laughter, and really, really smart, quick kids and staff.

What are you looking forward to in 2018? Nothing too big. Hopefully, I will get to travel a bit, see my family and definitely keeping my snapchat streak going with Rachel Wolman.