New Circle Member Spotlight: Nicole Framm

The New Circle Spotlight features someone who joined Circle in the most recent induction class. Location: Currently I am at school at Syracuse University studying advertising in the School of Public Communications. I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. Age: 20 Year you made Circle: 2017 Years on staff: 2015-2017: I have been a [...]

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Gutin’s Favorite Hummus Recipe

When it comes to hummus, you should only eat it in Israel. If you don't have the luxury of living there or traveling there multiple times a week, then the next best option is Zahav's hummus. You might also know this as "The only hummus that Gutin will eat outside of Israel." Find the full [...]

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Director’s Update – Winter 2018

This summer, we welcomed 42 new Circle members into our family.  Some of these staff members grew up at camp and some joined us later.  Either way, they drank the bug juice (which actually doesn't exist anymore) and fell in love with Camp Louise: Now, Circle's a goal that I have in my sight and [...]

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Jill’s Place – Construction Underway!

The Camp Airy and Camp Louise Foundation has begun construction on Camp Louise's new 700-seat theater, generously funded by the Herbert Bearman Foundation. There are still opportunities to donate towards the theater, including $3,600 and $5,000 bench sponsorships. The Jill Bearman Theater, known as "Jill's Place” is expected to be completed by Summer 2018, enhancing [...]

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President’s Update – Winter 2018

I have to say that my favorite part of this year's Reunion was during the storytelling activity. Andi Abrams was telling the story of how she fell in love with Camp Louise the moment she saw Natalie Arenson dancing in Solarium after unpacking her bags. The best part? Natalie was in the room and started tearing up at the [...]

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Your Guide to Circle Reunion 2016

Is the real world starting to get you down? Do you need some R&R with your camp friends? Good news: Reunion is just around the corner. Use this guide to prepare for a weekend in 21719. Parking You may drop your stuff off at your bunk, but we ask that you park your car in [...]

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Board Voting: Now Open

This year, we will be voting on 7 members to serve on the Circle Board, and all current Circle members are eligible to vote, regardless of whether you are attending this year’s reunion. Scroll to the bottom of the page to vote for Circle Board 2016. All votes will be confidential; however, we are asking [...]

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Louise Lighthouse Summer 2016

The 2016 Winter issue of the Louise Lighthouse is now available online. Read about Circle Day 2016, an update from the camp director, features on several members, an exclusive recipe and more! Read now >

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Circle Board Nominations – Now Open!

Nominations are open until August 23 for any members who wish to run. Keep an eye out for an email in early September to vote on all nominees. Online voting will close on September 15, but a printed ballot will be available at Circle Reunion for those who are unable to vote online. Take a [...]

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Vote for Circle Reunion 2017 Dates

With the growing popularity of weekend rentals at Camp, inquiries have started coming in for 2017. We've been invited to reserve a weekend for Reunion 2017 before other groups are finalized. There will be no change to the date for Reunion in 2016. You must be a Circle member to vote. All names will be [...]

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